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Nineteen Seconds of Falling 

Sherlock spends exactly nineteen seconds zoned out after John asks him to be best man. He retreats to his mind palace in the desperate hope of figuring out what he wants, unfortunately for him his mind palace is full of people who keep trying to give him advice.

I haven’t read fanfic in a very long time (as our lack of updates suggests) but a link to this was on my dash and I thought ‘what the hell’, expecting to close out of it right away (no offense, that’s just my relationship with fanfic these days) and it’s honestly really good. Like because of this I might actually start to read fic again, I know I’ll check out this author’s other works. The characterization, pacing, and expressions are spot on. It’s engaging and humorous, but pulls on your heart strings as well. This story exists only in Sherlock’s mind palace, and it’s amazing how the different elements from the show and the author combined. This is exactly how I want Sherlock’s mind palace to be, especially with the memories. Honestly well done, this is a great fic for people who love unrequited love fics and pining Sherlock!

My Rating: A
Word Count: 3727

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In all pasts and presents and futures and other lives: Sherlock loves John, even when John does not love him back.

Oh wow. Some fanfics are more like gorgeous pieces of tangibly visible artwork than simple writings. This would be one such pieces of work. But don’t be fooled by its immense beauty. It’s a tragic piece. The best way I can describe it is if you take a shard of glass, jam it into your chest, and just make a rough incision across your sternum. Because that’s what I feel like at this moment. Sherlock comes back to find John doesn’t remember him, but this is not like other fics with amnesia. I’ll say no more on that and instead move on to the writing itself, because that is what makes this fic utterly unique. It’s written from Sherlock’s perspective, giving a look into his mind as he comes to terms with what has happened. It makes the reader see everything through his eyes and feel right alongside him and it hurts. There are vivid descriptions of his inner thoughts, ones that only Sherlock would have and wouldn’t be terrifying, because it’s Sherlock. His emotions are as raw and as jagged as the wound left into your chest. Definitely one for super angst lovers and fans of jellyfish. A special thanks to Rachel for the suggestion. A warning of brief sexual content and mentions of gore.

Words: 7,671

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by 5pips

Review by: Taylor

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To Q or Not to Q 

Sherlock is a bored, de-powered Q harassed by Mycroft and exiled on Captain Watson’s ship.

When I went searching for Treklock I certainly didn’t expect to find this gem! I am blown away by this story’s attention to detail and creativity. Be aware though that this is not the world of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, this is a fusion with Next Generation. Don’t let that stop you though! My mom’s only fandom is Star Trek and Next Generation has always been apart of my life. That doesn’t mean I know jack shit about it! So you definitely don’t need to be a hardcore fan of Next Generation to understand what’s going on, and if you get a bit lost check the wiki!

I love Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship, making them Q was a perfect decision. If you don’t know what the Q Continuum is you can read up on it here, but Mycroft quickly explains what that means. The mind games that Mycroft would play definitely fit into the world of Sherlock. He doesn’t understand Sherlock’s decisions and wants to control him, he can’t understand the sentiment behind Sherlock’s actions. I know we see the Holmes brothers as Vulcan a lot but I’m telling you, there is nothing more perfect than them being Q. 

John and the rest of the USS Baskerville Crew were very well done as well. They stayed true to their characters while allowing for changes within this new universe. I really love John as Captain, he knows what it means to be a Captain, to be responsible for his entire crew. He can handle it. The build up of John and Sherlock’s relationship was also a treat. It wasn’t destiny, it wasn’t instant love, but a build up of trust and companionship. It’s also not a romantic love, which I appreciated, more of an intense bond. Much like another Captain and Vulcan we know. 

 I’m just really impressed with this story’s ability to merge the two worlds together in a way that’s believable and interesting. Nothing seemed out of place for either world and it was rich with canon and fandom references to both (loved the little bit about Anderson and the Jem’Hadar). The writing was also strong, allowing you to feel the emotion and suspense in scenes but never becoming cluttered.

One last thing to praise this story on, after seeing STID with my mother she talked a lot about Star Trek and the main themes within the series, which I think this fic did an amazing job at. The entire meaning of Star Trek is about seeing the bigger picture. Mycroft thinks he sees it, but it’s Sherlock who brings it into focus. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s a touching scene and something that I’ll remember. This is a great story, I might just send it to my mother!

Word Count: 19,560

My Rating: A
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in the hearts of small things 

In which John gets a cat and names it Sherlock.

We’ve all seen this trope before, but never have I read this plotline as well written and in character as this one is. Michi has this fantastic way of mastering the language she uses to exactly convey the tone she wants. The wording, arrangement, and use of humor are all working together to make the situation she’s describing interesting and engaging. You just get sucked into the story because of the writing. The humor was also perfectly balanced with the angst. Before it could get too sad there would always be something to smile at. The characterization of John is just perfect for me. He’s depressed but self aware, I love how often he’d break down his depression and try to figure out the stages he was in. He wasn’t completely right but he wasn’t delusional. Sherlock the cat is such a cutie. He’s not an exact copy of the human Sherlock but the similarities are present and obvious. There were so many moments with Sherlock that made me grin, the humor and joy in the little moments really made this story something wonderful. This isn’t a story to pass over, the ideas been done but never this well. This is one of my favorite stories for sure! Keep an eye out for the sequel! 

Warning for suicide attempt. 

Word Count: 10,328

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by michi_thekiller

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In a world where the British Empire is still strong and slavery is her economic backbone, John has become a terrorist for the abolitionist movement. He is caught by Mycroft, enslaved, and given to Sherlock for training. The goal: To test a new kind of slave collar with the power to break even the strongest willed fighter. One that will make even John learn to love being a slave.

Oh my God this fic made my head spin. In this universe, slavery is totally okay. Slaves wear collars. John, a man resolutely against slavery, is a violent abolitionist. However, he gets caught and Mycroft Holmes decides to use his brother to “break” John. Now, I’ll be honest: I wanted to punch Mycroft in the teeth. But, like John and typical of psychological breakdowns, Stockholm Syndrome takes place. As John has to learn to accept that, despite his best efforts, this is where he is, so does the reader. And then, just as I was ready to go “GODDAMN IT THIS IS NOT OKAY”, some things start not adding up. What the hell is Mycroft’s agenda? What does Sherlock know? When it all comes together, the feeling of “OH!” is almost as satisfactory as the collar’s burst of euphoria. I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending was, as I said, satisfactory. That being said, the whole thing is still pretty damn unethical (which IS covered as to why, at least). So this is something dub-con and I’d go so far as to slap a non-con on this one. Just in case. I mean, John is a slave and he has to listen. Come on, kids. Make the jump. You know what happens. Anyways, it’s a good read. It kept me at it, despite the length of it, and I didn’t put it down. It has a lot of interesting aspects: cases, underlying politics, and plenty of action. The emotions are messy, which is perfect for the fic, since the whole thing is messy. I give massive credit to the author, because that is a huge web to string together on top of keeping the balance. The fic could have easily been “whoa that is way not okay” to “that’s far too nice for a supposed slave”. The reader experiences things through John’s eyes, and the fic is just like that too: a delicate perch of reward and punishment. It’s a little dark, but I think it could have been a LOT worse. Definitely worth taking the time to read (and possible reread to understand). MATURE READERS ONLY

Words: 83,028

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by VelvetMace

Review by: Taylor

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You Get What You Need 

Sherlock meets up with an old friend 

I’m not usually one for Victor Trevor fics, but I really liked how this was written. It’s basically a giant headcanon, telling the back story of Sherlock and Victor. Their dynamic is an interesting one, and I like how this one is explored. Victor isn’t necessarily an asshole and Sherlock isn’t necessarily in the right, which is rare for Victor/Sherlock fics. My favorite element to it is definitely how Sherlock just eases into realizing what John means to him. SPOILER: This is not a fic to read if you want anything between Sherlock or John, so it ends with massive UST. There is also mentions of drug use. Just a warning. MATURE READERS ONLY

 Words: 7,256

My Rating: B

Read it here, fic by linpatootie

Review by: Taylor

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Love is a Rhythm 

Love is a dangerous disadvantage for the Holmes family, immortals until they’ve given their heart to someone else. Nevertheless, it’s not like Sherlock planned to lose his to John.

I have never used the word ‘pretty’ to describe a fic before, but I feel like that works. The content is not being described, but the fic as a whole. It’s deep and thoughtful with a touch of magic. Sherlock has immortality, but only if he protects himself from ‘giving his heart away’. That way, he can preserve his immortality. Mycroft warns him, but it doesn’t matter once he meets John Watson. As far as the fic goes, I should probably do th actual review part now. Reading about Sherlock’s heart and how he gives it away and trying to know if John will give him his in return is beautiful. On top of that, if he does give his heart away, any injury that comes to John also comes to Sherlock. I somewhat wish that could have been played on more, but I like how it IS revealed. SPOILER there is a scene where LMycroft does something to check on whether or not Sherlock has given his heart to John. I have to say that is my absolute favorite part because it’s a bit not good, but it’s perfect. Of course Mycroft would do something like that. Anyways, I really liked this and I want to read more of this magic idea in the future.

Words: 4,926

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by eyeus

Review by: Taylor

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Sherlock’s refusal to talk about his past hides far more skeletons than John could ever have guessed at. Halloween-esque AU.

Wow, can I just send a thank you to Maz for telling us about this story? You weren’t kidding when you said it was good! This is a very creative and well told crossover fanfiction, that never once seemed like crack to me. The movie it’s fused with is kept a secret at first(trust me you’ll probably know it) and it really helped to strengthen the story. I knew the crossover because of Maz but I was still unsure of how it was going to come into play and what would happen. The uncertainty of the plot made it a more interesting and invested reading experience for me. So I really recommended you do not try to spoil yourself with this! The story is told very well, it never once dragged and had just enough humor added to lighten the mood, but it was never cheap comedy. Characterization was also very interesting; Sherlock is not exactly how I personally see him but with his background here I understand the choices this author makes. I really do love his background in this story! It was told in such a wonderful way! The only thing I noticed was the way some parts where told almost too fast for me, it skips over the information we already know from the show (which I agree with) but I think it skips over too much too fast. Spending just a bit more time on those parts, not much just a little bit, I think would make it feel more natural and not rushed. Same with the Moran part, it was a really big scene that I would like to have had more time with. Would love to compliment a few more things but in order to avoid spoiling anything I’ll end the review now. Overall this story was told very well and in an interesting way. I’ve been waiting for a crossover like this for a long time! So happy that this was done well! 

Word Count: 57,711

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by flawedamythyst

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There are so many different ways to die.

I have never wanted to so badly start a review with a pained AHHHHHHHHHHHH! But this one deserves that. I really can’t say much about this fic, because I do not want to spoil it, but it is a slightly terrifying notion. It makes a character that is already an intimidating figure and make him ten times worse. This fic goes through as Sherlock experiences John’s death over and over (Imagine that Supernatural episode, but without any comic relief. At all.). The tale is compelling and it makes a reader want to reach in and just hold the characters and keep them safe. So the question is does John eventually make it out alive? Or will Sherlock figure it out and end the endless suffering? The writing style is brilliant and poetic without even trying, and I credit the writer with giving the emotional weight without actually ever stating it outright. A phenomenal read, and one you’ll read again.

Words: 5,376

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by cathedral_carver

Review by: Taylor

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In My Time of Dying 

John Watson walks into his apartment to find an apparition sitting at the kitchen table. After that, they start trying to put their lives back together.

As a post Reichenbach piece, this fic does a fantastic job of hinting at Sherlock’s successfully faked death without allowing specifics to dominate the plot. First and foremost, this is about John attempting to move on after Sherlock. His lingering anger and fear are portrayed with believable emotion, but I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the suicidal feelings he begins to feel. Although Sherlock was — and is — his best friend, John is still a soldier and canonically assured Sherlock that he has seen good men die and been able to sublimate that pain. Within the scope of the entire fic, it is a small detail easily woven into the process of his emotional healing, which includes moving out of 221B and his dangerous dependency on drink. 

I love that Sherlock’s return physically shakes John and reveals the hesitation between these men despite their past friendship. It confirms that they are not the same men they once were before Moriarty ruined Sherlock’s reputation. They take their time moving back to Baker Street, sorting out the legal consequences of their behaviors with Lestrade and the Chief Superintendent, and initiating a sexual relationship. Despite being between two grown men, the sex is very sweet and would more accurately be called love-making in how they dote on each other. Perhaps the strongest moment I will take away from this fic is the recurring obsession with each other’s pulses. MATURE READERS ONLY

Word Count: 10338

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by twisting_vine_x.

Thanks to madlyscout for your submission.

Review by: Becka

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