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An Acquired Taste 

When an injury forces adventure and travel photographer John Watson to take more sedate jobs, he worries he might be bored - until he meets Chef Sherlock Holmes.

Shoy’s posting a review? And it’s for an AU that doesn’t have to do with vampires or werewolves or wings? WHAT?! Okay, all joking aside, I finally remembered that I used to REVIEW fics instead of just read them, and I thought I’d share one I just finished.

This is a lovely romp into an AU I would love to read more of. Both Sherlock and John seem to be spot-on in their new roles, and I really appreciate that the author let the world slowly build as their relationship did. I can totally picture Sherlock as an amazing chef, and his explanation for how he got into the food business felt perfectly in-character for me. John as a travel photographer was a little harder to grasp, but it didn’t take me out of the story by any means. I was almost disappointed when I reached the end, because I wanted to read more about the food and the photography and, of course, the budding romance… This fic has definitely (if you’ll pardon the pun) left me hungry for more.

Word Count: 11,065

My Rating: B

Read it here, fic by corpsereviver2

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Sherlock Holmes is fine with problems. More than fine. Problems are his job. More than his job. Problems are his life. Sherlock really wants to ask John something. Only, he’s not sure what… 

In his frantic determination to complete his sensory catalog of John, Sherlock hits the boundary of social niceties by asking to gather insight from taste receptors. Oral fixation at its finest brings John and Sherlock past the point of platonic flatmates experimenting for quantifiable data into much more sexual territory. As Sherlock struggles to express his desires John faithfully waits for the opportune moment to participate.

Sherlock’s obsessive attention to gathering minutiae is brilliantly utilized in his approach toward initiating a dalliance with potential for growth. Third person narration alternates between Sherlock and John but does not interfere with the flow or clarity of the text. Despite his efforts to mask internal processing of his feelings, Sherlock is an open book for John who has been waiting just as patiently (if less compulsively). What I enjoy about this piece is the tension which carries through the first few chapters, blossoms at the actual tasting, and lingers through the resolution along with a certain levity. MATURE READERS ONLY.

Word Count: 6161

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by MrsNoggin.

Reviewed by: Becka

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A Symphony of Chemical Reactions 

Cooking’s just chemistry and time management.

Sherlock loves John, dislikes eating, and hates margarine. In attempts to demonstrate his feelings toward these three factors Sherlock makes John a glorious feast. Some aspects go over better than others in his preparation of said meal. In true single-mindedness Sherlock seeks to feed John up well with flair while catering to John’s spartan nature.

One of my personal favorites, this piece showcases Sherlock’s voice in perhaps the most endearing way. His mind is mercury quick between details, filing away John’s individual sounds and smiles, but lingers dotingly on ways in which to please the object of his devotion. Stylistically, the author uses lush vocabulary for Sherlock’s inner monologue and utilizes paragraph breaks to jump along with Sherlock’s focus. I wholeheartedly adore this piece and the attention to detail in providing links to the recipes Sherlock chooses.

Word Count: 2351

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by what_alchemy.

Review by: Becka

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A Brief History of Johns 

Sherlock buries John Six in the bed of Johns at the back of the garden, between the tulips and the daffodils.

The summary caught my eye on this one and it is much lighter than I expected! I honestly gave a little giggle when I realized what it was about! This is such a cute one, well cute in that it makes you go ‘awh’ but then right after you cry because you want to comfort little Sherlock. It’s a brilliantly narrated glance at Sherlock’s childhood leading up to the moment he meets his best friend. It really just solidifies the bond John and Sherlock have as friends. Because no matter how you ship them or don’t, they will always be best friends.

Word Count: 1,173

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by 

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Blatant Misuse Of The Little Grey Cells 

There’s been a crime, Sherlock reveals all.

This is a fun little thing! There’s been a crime in London and Sherlock brings the whole crew together to find the culprit! It’s just a silly little piece that made me smile and giggle. I think it’s fairly obvious that none of this would actually happen, and Sherlock’s dramatics are a bit exaggerated but it made this thing even sweeter for me. It was just really fun, a few gems of fandom references and poking fun at Anderson, what else is there to life? This author is amazing and the way that she can write a total crack story in a way that doesn’t sound stupid is awesome! This was fun, a perfect story if you just want something quick and silly. :)

Word Count: 3,783

My Rating: B+

Read it here, fic by 

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London Orbital 

"I’m driving first," Sally said. "Guv can take over after me. If we’re all still mad enough to be at this after that, John can drive third shift. Then the freak, if we decide we can risk it."

"John doesn’t drive," said Sherlock.

"Then what’s John along for?" Sally protested. Which Greg reckoned had to be just Sally trying to wind Sherlock up. She knew better. All night in a car with Sherlock was bad enough. All night driving round and round the M25 looking for a killer, with Sherlock deprived of John Watson, sounded like a new circle of hell.

Long time, no reviews! We’ll let’s see if I remember how to get back on the horse. I read this fic the other day when it was slow at work (it’s a slow day again so you’re getting a review!) and it really brightened up my day! The characterization of every character is flawless. No more terrible characterizations of Sally or “fluffy perfect” John. Every character is very real and written strong. The girl they are working with, Violet, at first seemed like a exaggerated attempt at a strong female character that I wasn’t buying. However as the story progresses she really becomes a real and believable character. I almost felt guilty for doubting her. The outside view of John and Sherlock’s relationship was wonderful. There is no bias and we truly see how they interact with each other without cheesy descriptions of hidden attraction. You can sense the love between them underneath all the barbs but it’s real and very believable. This author also did a great job of making sure you know that John can be just as big of a dick as Sherlock and that Sally isn’t a character you can write off as a “bitch”. Sally was done very well and if you’re a fan of her character I believe you’ll approve. Strong plot, excellent characterization, and wonderful writing. This is not one to miss! 

Word Count: 13,627

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by 

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The Letter in the Wall 

When the contractors open the bathroom wall, there’s a package wedged between the pipes, addressed to Mrs. Hudson and dated 1888. The letter within reads as follows.

Most people do crossovers fairly well. This does crossovers spectacularly. A Doctor Who crossover, it starts with Dear Mrs. Hudson and proceeds to have John narrate the tale of just exactly where he and his flatmate have run off to. Honestly, I don’t want to say anything more than that because you really should just read it yourself. The author does an excellent job of tying certain things in and made me squeal a little bit. I really wish desperately that there could have been more of Sherlock searching for the Doctor and the things he would find. Possible further interaction with the Doctor would have been nice, but he was good where he was for the purpose he served. SPOILER ALERT: I loved the fact that he almost saw them off. He stopped at that point, knowing this was when Sherlock Holmes and John Watson became what they are. UGH. Anyways, cute, awesome, and I loved it to pieces.

Words: 3,163

My Rating: A-

Read it here, fic by maskedfangirl

Review by: Taylor

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The Thirty Day Wager 

John bets Sherlock he can’t pay a compliment to somebody for 30 straight days.

Call it a trope, but I like it. Just a quick, fluffy thing to read and grin. John bets Sherlock that he can’t give someone a compliment every day for a month. Sherlock, of course, takes the bet. There could have been further discussion of what the winner would get, other than pride, but it seems sufficient for these two. There are examples of each day and each compliment. I particularly appreciate the way you get to read Sherlock’s “notes” on it, as well as watch as Sherlock discovers John’s reactions. I definitely wish there had been some continuation, but at the same time, it’s cute enough that I forgive it. Like I said, a little piece of fluff to remind you of how cute your OTP is.

My Rating: B

Words: 3,444

Read it here, fic by softpurplesherlockian

Review by: Taylor

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John couldn’t help but feel resentment towards this celestial being of a man who had pulled him right back into his orbit once again, regardless of whether he wanted to be there or not (he did, unquestionably, and *that* pissed him off even more).

Sometimes, fics are just sweet. I like to place this one in my bundle of “awww” fics. On top of being a bit of post-reichenbach angst to fluff pieces, it has the happy addition of Sherlock wearing John’s jumpers and a shout out to “Starter for 10” (which, if you haven’t seen it, makes our scary Khan/Sherlock graceful Benedict look like an absolute moron and you love every uncomfortable minute of it). This fic does one thing perfectly: not a single line is wasted. There isn’t any filler sentences or repetitive ones to take up space. Every line is a descriptive sentence that gives it a little more depth and gives the reader a little more insight into how John is feeling. Sweet, cute, and with a happy ending? Couldn’t ask for more.

Words: 2,752

 My Rating: B+

Read it here, fic by downrighteffervescent

Review by: Taylor

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Rise Above It 

"It doesn’t bother you at all, does it. What he is,” Lestrade remarks one day at a crime scene.

“Mutants are over-represented in the military,” says John. “It’s about the only halfway decent job they can get, even if they’re never allowed to move up the ranks.”

He has to push down a stab of irritation and remind himself that getting angry at every person who sees Sherlock as something less than human would be a waste of time.

I really, really like this idea and the only thing wrong with this story is that THERE ISN’T MORE. It’s a quick read, but very well written. There are only a few lines of explanation, and yet it covers everything nicely. There’s no lengthy, over elaborate part where everyone knows exactly what happened, which is far more believable, in my opinion. The review is going to be slightly spoilery because I want to touch on what makes this fic great. I love how John is totally accepting. The line “as a doctor, I treated everyone” is probably the best because that’s exactly how John would be. Sherlock being a mutant wouldn’t bother him. It’s fairly realistic in how mutations would be treated and how they would be thought of. And, not to call anything out, but I pictured Molly as a Vulcan and I’m not changing that image. It’s short, very sweet, and I want a multi-chapter one STAT. Or fanart. Fanart would be awesome. Also, I may have a new favorite author on my list: they seem to have a lot of AU one shots, and I’m probably going to read them all.

Words: 2,156

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by oreganotea

Review by: Taylor

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