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Nineteen Seconds of Falling 

Sherlock spends exactly nineteen seconds zoned out after John asks him to be best man. He retreats to his mind palace in the desperate hope of figuring out what he wants, unfortunately for him his mind palace is full of people who keep trying to give him advice.

I haven’t read fanfic in a very long time (as our lack of updates suggests) but a link to this was on my dash and I thought ‘what the hell’, expecting to close out of it right away (no offense, that’s just my relationship with fanfic these days) and it’s honestly really good. Like because of this I might actually start to read fic again, I know I’ll check out this author’s other works. The characterization, pacing, and expressions are spot on. It’s engaging and humorous, but pulls on your heart strings as well. This story exists only in Sherlock’s mind palace, and it’s amazing how the different elements from the show and the author combined. This is exactly how I want Sherlock’s mind palace to be, especially with the memories. Honestly well done, this is a great fic for people who love unrequited love fics and pining Sherlock!

My Rating: A
Word Count: 3727

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An Unnecessary Study in Grief 

Sherlock is only doing what’s necessary to keep John safe. John is doing what’s necessary to keep going.

Following the events at St Bartholomew’s, John struggles to resume normalcy without the influential factor of Sherlock Holmes on his life. He becomes solitary, angry, and determined not to loose the faint remainders of Sherlock in his possession. As John attempts to take on cases to honor Sherlock and keep away the demons of his solitude (there are references to depressive and suicidal thoughts which might be distressing to some readers), Sherlock takes on his own agenda to dismantle the web of crime built by Moriarty.

Despite their individual efforts to protect each other circumstances arise which cause their reunion, wounded and weary, in a hospital bed. John’s resulting trauma as a result of Sherlock’s death is heartbreaking and solemnly plausible. Accepting his loyalty-cum-adoration for Sherlock leads John to a dark place. Similarly, Sherlock is forced to grow accustomed to the consequences of his actions and reevaluation of his moral foundation. After enduring such trials John and Sherlock reunite in a culmination of frantic relief.

I greatly enjoyed the vulnerability of John’s emotional state, the brotherly alliance between Sherlock and Mycroft, the incredible reunion scene, and the preserved integrity of minor characters in this piece. Great care also seems to have been taken in the explicit scenes between John and Sherlock, leaning heavily on the emotional intimacy. Other than infrequent speech or mannerisms which seemed out of character (one such example is Sherlock’s hand gesture toward John in the hospital) and formatting inconsistencies, I was incredibly impressed by the interpretation of events post-Reichenbach. MATURE READERS ONLY.

Word Count: 17221

My Rating: B+

Read it here, fic by taelynhawker.

Reviewed by: Becka

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In all pasts and presents and futures and other lives: Sherlock loves John, even when John does not love him back.

Oh wow. Some fanfics are more like gorgeous pieces of tangibly visible artwork than simple writings. This would be one such pieces of work. But don’t be fooled by its immense beauty. It’s a tragic piece. The best way I can describe it is if you take a shard of glass, jam it into your chest, and just make a rough incision across your sternum. Because that’s what I feel like at this moment. Sherlock comes back to find John doesn’t remember him, but this is not like other fics with amnesia. I’ll say no more on that and instead move on to the writing itself, because that is what makes this fic utterly unique. It’s written from Sherlock’s perspective, giving a look into his mind as he comes to terms with what has happened. It makes the reader see everything through his eyes and feel right alongside him and it hurts. There are vivid descriptions of his inner thoughts, ones that only Sherlock would have and wouldn’t be terrifying, because it’s Sherlock. His emotions are as raw and as jagged as the wound left into your chest. Definitely one for super angst lovers and fans of jellyfish. A special thanks to Rachel for the suggestion. A warning of brief sexual content and mentions of gore.

Words: 7,671

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by 5pips

Review by: Taylor

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A Brief History of Johns 

Sherlock buries John Six in the bed of Johns at the back of the garden, between the tulips and the daffodils.

The summary caught my eye on this one and it is much lighter than I expected! I honestly gave a little giggle when I realized what it was about! This is such a cute one, well cute in that it makes you go ‘awh’ but then right after you cry because you want to comfort little Sherlock. It’s a brilliantly narrated glance at Sherlock’s childhood leading up to the moment he meets his best friend. It really just solidifies the bond John and Sherlock have as friends. Because no matter how you ship them or don’t, they will always be best friends.

Word Count: 1,173

My Rating: A-

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The Queen’s Guard 

In the caves of Afghanistan, John died once already. But in a world ruled by creatures more terrible than divine, death isn’t always permanent, and when a half-human stranger stumbles into his life, John has to decide what he hates more: the Royal bloodline, or that peculiar heart which won’t let him die…

Now this fic is something tricky; on one hand it’s beautifully written, on the other I’m not exactly sure what just happened. This fic is a crossover with Neil Gaiman’s A Study In Emerald, which I haven’t read. I think it is very important for you to have some background knowledge of that story because I honestly don’t know what is going on. In defense of this fic, I am intrigued rather than frustrated by this. I want to learn more about this universe and figure out exactly what the world is like. This story is written so well, very rich with visuals and subtle emotion. The real kicker in the writing is body language clues, I won’t spoil anything but I can’t believe I didn’t see what is so clearly presented to the reader. It’s a wonderfully written piece and to those who know the source material you’ll love it, but it will alienate readers who haven’t read the story it’s crossed with, which is a shame. 

Word Count: 5,970

My Rating: A-/B+

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“In Judaism, the spirit only leaves this world when the family lets it go,” Harry had said, her hands grasping John’s. She had converted when she married Clara, and had been a pseudo-spiritual adviser to her brother. “That’s your job, Johnny, and you too Sherlock. You need to imagine James’ spirit as a kite. Over the next few days, while you settle his affairs, you can hold onto that string, but he’s going to pull it in your hands because he knows he can’t stay with you forever. Slowly let the string out and know that once you let him out, you can’t reel him back in. Eventually you’re going to need to let him go where he belongs.”

This is a story about Sherlock and John losing their son James to a suicide. Please please head the warnings on this one. I think this is an intresting idea, but the length doesn’t feel right. I wanted to be emotionally invested in this one but I wasn’t able to. Just skimmed on the edge of really becoming involved. What this author does a great job of though is not vilifying James for taking his life. They also do a good job of enforcing the idea that depression isn’t something you can just get rid of. Just because James had a good childhood with John and Sherlock does not mean he automatically will be rid of his depression. It just doesn’t work that way. Good idea and start but the pacing just isn’t right for this one, too much information we’re not getting. 

WARNINGS FOR: Suicide, self harm, child loss, death, depression

Word Count: 2,637

My Rating: B-/C+

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Lost for Words 

Sherlock is assaulted by an unknown assailant while John is away at a medical conference, leaving him with a severe brain injury. While his intellect and personality are intact, he’s lost the use of his right-side limbs and his ability to speak freely. John suddenly finds himself as the main source of support, and possibly a caregiver, to a flatmate who is struggling to do the things he loves most. And Sherlock Holmes has never been the best of patients.

I read this one quite a long time ago actually so I’m sorry that I won’t be able to pull out specific details as much as I usually do. I really liked this one though, liked it enough to remember a good portion of it months later which is something I can’t say for most fics. I’m really into stories where Sherlock gets involved in some kind of accident and is left with a disability, I don’t know what that says about me but I find the rehab process fascinating. The medical aspects I’m guessing aren’t 100% correct but I’m no doctor either so it didn’t affect my reading. Sherlock is fairly on character, he’s just suffered an accident that’s left his speech in scrambles and I think he acts accordingly. The disability is handled very well too, he’s not a child he just can’t get the words out right. I like that this story didn’t make him out to be weak, just sometimes very stubborn. John was written well too, trying to keep everything carrying on but not exactly sure what to do. I thought his characterization was handled very well. Mummy Holmes makes an appearance, and got a bit tropey, but was all in all an alright character. Overall a pretty well done story, the writing gets a little clumsy in spots but nothing major. I do like the ending as well, there is no magical cure in life and this story doesn’t get one either. Good job!

Word Count: 57,092

My Rating: A-/B+
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The Discernment of Spirits 

John was supposed to bring the suspect back to this hotel room to look at some fake Ming Dynasty pottery.

Sherlock wasn’t expecting John to run into Sarah, finish off the case, and bring her back to the hotel for sex.

John wasn’t expecting Sherlock to bug the room.

Now I don’t really want to trick you into reading this thinking that there is going to be physical romantic Johnlock. It doesn’t, and that’s part of the reason I like this fic. I love this author, they always write really well. Characterization and plot is perfect, and I really felt like I was in the moment! I felt so naughty spying on John! The reason I really like this fic is because there is a huge lack of F/M or F/F sex scenes in the Sherlock fandom and I feel like as a woman I’d like to be more comfortable with the female body and having sex. John and Sarah were very realistic and made me feel comfortable with what they were doing. It was giggly and playful and I love the way Sherlock was appalled with that! This story was a great mixture of sexy and funny and I’m really happy to have read it. I do love the ending, the somewhat non-resolution of it all. John loves Sherlock, we all know that, but he’s not in love with him. He’s really not gay and Sherlock really is asexual. It’s realistic and while it’s not what most of us want it’s what I think would happen. Kind of heartbreaking, and I do believe they both wish things could be different but they’re not. That doesn’t stop them from loving each other in the way that they do. 

Word Count: 7,056

My Rating: A-

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London Orbital 

"I’m driving first," Sally said. "Guv can take over after me. If we’re all still mad enough to be at this after that, John can drive third shift. Then the freak, if we decide we can risk it."

"John doesn’t drive," said Sherlock.

"Then what’s John along for?" Sally protested. Which Greg reckoned had to be just Sally trying to wind Sherlock up. She knew better. All night in a car with Sherlock was bad enough. All night driving round and round the M25 looking for a killer, with Sherlock deprived of John Watson, sounded like a new circle of hell.

Long time, no reviews! We’ll let’s see if I remember how to get back on the horse. I read this fic the other day when it was slow at work (it’s a slow day again so you’re getting a review!) and it really brightened up my day! The characterization of every character is flawless. No more terrible characterizations of Sally or “fluffy perfect” John. Every character is very real and written strong. The girl they are working with, Violet, at first seemed like a exaggerated attempt at a strong female character that I wasn’t buying. However as the story progresses she really becomes a real and believable character. I almost felt guilty for doubting her. The outside view of John and Sherlock’s relationship was wonderful. There is no bias and we truly see how they interact with each other without cheesy descriptions of hidden attraction. You can sense the love between them underneath all the barbs but it’s real and very believable. This author also did a great job of making sure you know that John can be just as big of a dick as Sherlock and that Sally isn’t a character you can write off as a “bitch”. Sally was done very well and if you’re a fan of her character I believe you’ll approve. Strong plot, excellent characterization, and wonderful writing. This is not one to miss! 

Word Count: 13,627

My Rating: A

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Sherlock struggles, but he’s not entirely sure why.

There are few things more fascinating than Sherlock’s mind. This fic explores one facet to it, one that most people won’t touch, most due to the massive amount of angst it causes. The writing is beautiful and it almost has a Sherlockian tone to it, despite being in third person. This fic hurts. So badly. When it came to its conclusion, I actually made a noise of misery. It’s deliberately vague and that makes the ache so much worse. Heed the warnings below and prep yourself for the possibilities that this fic leaves for you to ponder.

Words: 1,174

My Rating: A

Read it here, fic by discombobulate

Review by: Taylor

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