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Stuck on the Puzzle 

For the first 16 years of his life, Sherlock Holmes encountered few problems that could not be solved. And that was, as far as Sherlock was concerned, entirely boring.

John Watson was not boring.

Such a cute teen!lock! I really got a good smile from this. Ever the scientist, Sherlock is observing endorphins and the changes in moods they cause! I like how when John describes his “runner’s high” Sherlock doesn’t even think to just like I don’t know, exercise! Like isn’t that easier than getting the piss beat out of you? It was adorable, he’s so stubborn. I also love the idea of him with braces, oh my gosh that would be so awkward! Though I do think Sherlock would have already have most information on endorphins already figured out the author did say they felt the same and made it ooc on purpose. Which is very good because it wouldn’t work if he did already understand everything on endorphins. The only thing I would add is more of his feelings on John, like how he views their friendship. There’s stuff there, I’m not saying their isn’t but I would like more. I didn’t feel their friendship. Otherwise it’s really fun and cute. And really who doesn’t love teen!lock!?

Word Count: 5,415

My Rating: B+
Read it here, fic by breathesomeday

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