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Trapped and Upside Down on the M6 

Everything felt wrong. His hair was going the wrong way. His arms were bent in ways he wouldn’t choose to bend them. His neck hurt and he couldn’t really feel his toes. Something was dripping on his face – and rolling up.

No, this definitely wasn’t right.

“Sherlock? Sherlock!” a frantic and pained voice whispered next to his ear. Sherlock groaned and turned his head, hissing as the muscles at the juncture of his neck and shoulder flared with pain.

“All right, it’s all right, it’s fine.” Sherlock couldn’t finish turning his head for fear of the muscle seizing completely, but the rest of his senses were kicking back in. Metallic creaks and groans, cracking glass, the distinct smell of petrol and burnt rubber.

A car crash. He had been in a car crash.

This is one that I read quite awhile ago actually and just now found in my bookmarks! It’s actually a very heartwarming story that stays, for me, reasonably in character. John also talks about Detroit in this one, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that I like it! In this story, Lestrade, Sherlock, and John are in a car crash and John is hurt much more than he’s letting on. What’s interesting to me is that it’s not painfully obvious that Sherlock and John are in a relationship, you catch on very quickly but they never act dramatic. I really like the slow realization of their relationship and how close they actually are. The Detroit part will always be my favorite about this, despite my bias it’s actually a very beautiful parallel to their situation. The buildings John describes are very beautiful in their destruction, much like their crash. It’s scary and exhilarating to be in a place of so much danger but it’s peaceful and beautiful at the same time. While the crash was all destruction, what was happening between Sherlock and John was wonderful. Things from there get a little confusing. John ends up in the hospital but the narrator jumps around too fast. There’s actually a sex scene snuck in there that I missed at first and had to turn around and figure out exactly when Sherlock got on top of him! It was just a little addition that felt out of place and ended up just being confusing. Overall a very well done concept, and if you have the time I definitely suggest googling “Detroit Ruin Porn”!

Trigger Warnings for car crashes and injury

Word Count: 4,256

My Rating: B+
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