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Gone from the Gentle Battleground 

A post-Reichenbach reunion story, about time, and distance, and the way men bond in war. “In war, violence and care could look so much like each other, an uncanny horrific resemblance; sometimes he feared he’d forget the difference.” About how violence waits in memory: “His heart is heavy with the dread of what he’ll find. As if this were, indeed, the battlefield, and this another lovely young soldier with shrapnel in his heart.” About finding a way home, and closing the gaps: “That pale beautiful face, that smell of weariness and smoke. This body he has loved at the distance of arms and years.” And about how perhaps the differences and distances aren’t so great after all: “John gives him his lips and lets him bite them just a little, for pain is the edge of pleasure, and fighters love that line.”

So you can be assured that anything this author writes is going to be beautiful.  Seriously, I need to read more of this author cause everything that I’ve read so far has been lovely. This is so painful to read, my heart just shattered and I yearned for Sherlock just as strongly as John. John’s narration combined with the lecture and poem was really interesting. It actually made me step back and examine their relationship based on how John griefs at the end of TRF, without my shipper goggles on! It’s something interesting to think about. When Sherlock returns I think everything moved a bit fast for my taste, but then again this situation goes against my headcanon and I’m very biased about that. Either way it’s gorgeous. I mean, shove this into the face of whoever says fanfiction smut is perv-y and weird. It’s not in general, but this is so passionate, loving, and extremely well written. One of my favorite parts is about John using his hands to make love, it really stuck out to me for it’s writing. Basically you’ll want to read this for the writing, the narrative and imagery are fantastic. I love authors like these cause it’s a real slap in the face to anyone who thinks fanfiction isn’t “real writing”.

Word Count: 6,597

My Rating: A
Read it here, fic by professorfangirl

Thanks to  meganbobness for the submission!

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