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Everything I Can’t Be Is Everything You Should Be 

John was obsessed. It wasn’t how he liked to categorize himself but it was applicable. Although John was fairly certain he wasn’t the first person to become enamored by Sherlock Holmes.

This is a AU of Sherlock and John in their 20’s, what I like about that is that the sex that they have doesn’t seem out of place to be. In fics where they’re their real age I don’t think they’d have as much sex as they do in those fics but here it makes sense because they’re young. Not that older people don’t have sex but that’s not my point. I don’t know if they’d be sex in the loo type but I love how fast their relationship progressed. It was like next day oh let’s be boyfriends and it fit them. Towards the end it gets positively heartbreaking after Jim comes into play but it does get happy after I swear! Also I loved the lyrics before the chapters! Great addition. Mature readers for sexy times! 

My Rating: B+

Read it here, fic by Remy_Writes5

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